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Historic Commercial Vehicle Club by Trevor Burgess

The Club is different things to different people, although it must provide something that we all share at some time. To most members the Club provides the opportunity to meet with friends over a cup of tea or coffee after a Club meeting. While to others it is a place to obtain information or parts to complete a current project.

For me the Club initially provided an alternative to work and an interest in something thatwas aligned to the industry in which I worked. Of course it doesn't take long before you are involved and the Club becomes a greater consumer of personal time.

The Club over the last 5 years has strengthened, not only in member numbers but also in
the involvement of members in the Club's direction and organised outings. The Club is
now recognised as an authority on commercial vehicles of all types. This is due to the
wealth of knowledge and experience of its members.

Other clubs now know "who" we are and do not hesitate to participate in our annual
display days, as is evident since we changed our venue to A.F.L. Park Waverley. The Club
display has grown from the 120 vehicles on display at International Harvester Truck's
Carpark at Dandenong in 1994 to 300+ vehicles at A.F.L Park in 7996197.

The rolling 25 years gives the opportunity for more vehicles to be eligible for the Club
Permit scheme every year, it also gives our members the opportunity to add more modern
vehicles to their collections. Often a vehicle is not considered old unless it relates to our
childhood years or earlier. Our younger members are looking at vehicles in the 1960's
and preserving them as they represent something from their past. To our older members
these still represent modern vehicles.

Written by Trevor Burgess - 2000