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Historic Commercial Vehicle Club by Ken Whitworth

Welcome to the year 2000 publication of the background and history of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club of Australia Inc. (H.C.V.C). Commencing with its inception as the Historic Fire Engine Association of Australia (H.F.E.A.A)(Vic. Branch) in 1972, detailing various highlights through the past 28 years; our aims and plans for the future. It would be prohibitive to feature every vehicle owned by our members and visiting exhibitors at our annual display days and various club runs. Originally we planned to only feature H.F.E.A.A vehicles, but we have now included vehicles from the HCVC era, covering the "Golden Age" of transport.

Compared to the heavy transports of today the trucks from WW1 to 1960 were slow with the driver’s conditions being noisy, draughty, cramped and poor vision. Rarely was heating and de-misting available, resulting in hot or cold cabs dependent on the weather conditions. Most of the loading / unloading was performed by hand. A "Jockey" was supplied to assist if you drove for a large company. Forklifts, containers, hydraulic tailgates and foldaway cranes had not arrived on the scene.

The club is growing each year in membership and restored vehicles. Our plans for the future include a permanent display, clubrooms, workshop and storage facility. Only with the enthusiasm and support of club members and the support of the transport industry and Government can we achieve this aim and prevent the loss of our transport heritage to overseas collectors and eager metal merchants.

We thank the following club members for their contributions in particular Fred Penny our founding member, Jarrod Blair, Dennis Brooks, Trevor Burgess, Iain Drummond,Graham Stokes and Ross Taylor.

Ken Whitworth

Club President

On Behalf of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club of Australia Inc.