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A Sort of Book Review

A sort of book review.

Page 138 – Removing manifold and carburettor.

“The carburettor can now be withdrawn from its corner. This, however, after you have tried for a little time, you will declare to be impossible. But the thing can be done: I have done it; so go on trying and presently the carburettor will quite unexpectedly creep out into freedom. The secret lies in getting the left hand (or back) end of the manifold out first – then the carburettor – then the right hand (or front) end but all the time the contraption will want humouring by twisting and turning.”

They don’t write service instructions like that anymore!

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Ken Thomas Book Review

The Truckie Who Loved Trains. The Biography Of Ken Thomas, Founder of TNT.
Book Review by Peter Morrow, Club Librarian.

It seems odd, but Sir Peter Abeles' name became more synonymous with the multi - national TNT than its founder Ken Thomas.

What at first I thought was going to be a very clipped timeline biography of Ken Thomas (because of the standalone distinct paragraphs type of writing) turned out to be really very absorbing and I found it was a book I couldn't put down rather than one I wished to!

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Hendrickson Book Review

1913 — Hendrickson — 2013
By courtesy of Peter Morrow.

I have been recently read this history of the Hendrickson Company.

Think A4 size with 50 mm added to the width and 300 odd pages and you have some idea of its size.

But apart from being a history of the company it provides information on a whole range of subjects to someone interested in transport.

Until the start of the 20th century, apart from the railway, land transport and travel was by horse or, perhaps, oxen, camel or donkey. Almost everything moved by rail started and finished its journey by horse also.

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