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Little Yvette

The “Once Upon a Time” Story of “Little Yvette”
Little Yvette was manufactured in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, in early 1917.
These brief points describe her colorful life to date.

• She was shipped to France late 1917 to support the Allied war effort.

• On arrival in France, she was billeted with British soldiers on a farm in Flanders.

• She was named Little Yvette by these British soldiers, after the Farmer’s 7 year old daughter, in the spirit of a mascot.

• When WW1 ended, Little Yvette became the Farmer’s valued workhorse.

• She was sold in 1951 to a Swiss-French family and migrated with them to Australia that same year.

• After loyal service spanning 60 years on 2 continents, she retired in 1977 to a barn near Lilydale, Victoria.

• She was then forgotten and abandoned for more than 30 years.

• Little Yvette’s imaginary journey resumed when she was discovered in that barn in 2012 and relocated to Daylesford.

• She then underwent a mild restoration, completed in 2014.

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