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Memory Lane!!

Memory Lane !!!!!

Story – Peter Morrow
Photos – Copyright Peter Morrow

If you drove trucks around the city in the fifties and sixties you will remember how busy the intersection of Dudley Street and New Footscray Road was. And also what a bunfight it was, no traffic lights or policeman on Point Duty and a railway through the middle of it.


To make matters more interesting there was a very low bridge a few metres up Dudley Street. Chaos ensued if a truck with a high load became stuck there or the driver tried to reverse out on discovering his error.

In the foreground the Fargo of Tommy Wallbridge’s fleet is parked by the side of the road for some attention. The Big Boy, the driver, must have been very snug in that little cabin

Looks like one of Crane Brothers’ Fowler cranes going round the corner. Tray trucks are in abundance, with the odd semi. This was the area where wharf, rail and road transport entities had warehouses and loading and unloading facilities so traffic was constant from dawn to dusk.


Spencer Street Bridge

Looking towards the city from what is now the exhibition building (Jeff's Shed).

In the foreground, two nice looking Bedford S type semis, an International semi and a bogie drive Fordson tanker. Looks like chaos!


And the SKULL on duty.

Boy am I getting old remembering both of these.