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Using content from other sites.

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #230708 by roKWiz
I haven't a problem with pictures from elsewhere and links to other information but as far as pictures are concerned, a simple NMP in front of it would be great or as I have pointed out on other forums posting a link without mentioning what it is in relation to bugs me more.
Posting a link with no text p**es me off no end.

I can relate to werkhorse in that I was dealing with a guy via email who said he would like to use some of my knowledge regarding Stonemasonry in an upcoming book to be published by a well known publishing house.
He later stated the information was not then going to be used because of cutbacks, so I agreed and said oh well, if you do finally use it please send me a proof and at least give me an aknowledgement if published.
Acouple of years later purusing a well known bookshop, here is a book all about Stonemasonry pubished by some university woman claiming to have all this experience with stone wirtten almost word for word. I note the same guys name appearing in the aknowledgement page.

Myself, if I steel a (reference) picture from elsewhere for my computer, it is always saved as, from the original owner or site. as a reminded to myself it doesn't belong to me.

Heritage Stonemason
In order that the labour of centuries past may not be in vain during the centuries to come... D. Did
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