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Forum Rules

1 year 7 months ago #241399 by Lang
Forum Rules was created by Lang
I know somewhere there is a stcky saying this but just thought I would throw it up.

I believe the members and moderators have behaved in a manner that makes our forum one of the best managed and self regulated discussion places on the net. It is amazing the rancur occurring (and allowed) on some forums. Bev just showed me a Rose Grower's forum where two members were banned over a dispute naming a "new" type of rose. Don't even mention the social pygmies allowed to run riot on some of the 4x4 forums.

We're doin oright!

From the Australian Debating Federation, the peak discussion and debating body:

Keep it friendly
Be courteous and respectful. Appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours.
Stay on topic. When creating a new discussion thread, give a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category. When contributing to an existing discussion, try to stay 'on topic'. If something new comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, start a new thread.
Share your knowledge. Don't hold back in sharing your knowledge – it's likely someone will find it useful or interesting. When you give information, provide your sources.
Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech.
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