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Tenuous Towing

2 years 7 months ago #229635 by hayseed
Replied by hayseed on topic Tenuous Towing
The Load Restraint Guide is exactly that... a Guide, NOT legislation...

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2 years 7 months ago #229636 by JOHN.K.
Replied by JOHN.K. on topic Tenuous Towing
Its like taking a truck for pit inspection.......the inspection finds a defect for an oil leak in one diff.......but the defect is called emissions......and unless the driver specifically asks the inspector to point out the problem ,its a mystery back at the other comment was my recent enquiry for truck loading cranes .......the National guide says cranes over 9 ton metre must be 10 year inspected ......but Qld law says every crane is subject to 10 year inspection.
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2 years 7 months ago #229653 by bparo
Replied by bparo on topic Tenuous Towing
Not towing but another example where people think they know the law but are wrong.
My daily drive is an Iload van. It has doors on both sides and the rear of the cargo area. As I approach the van from the right hand side I often open the right hand back door to put stuff in a crate I have tied in there and sometimes leave my walking stick there. It also provides access to the built-in tie down points in the floor which are useful to stop heavy items hitting me in the back of the head! The number of people who try to tell me it's illegal to open a right hand door to access the cargo area is incredible. It happens every week (but never by the police). I reply that if the door is illegal Hyundai should not have built the van with it there.

Likewise there is a gap between the driver's seat and b-pillar where my walking stick fits. Once I shut the door it can't slide as the moulded door pocket blocks the gap I used to insert it so it can't go anywhere but people insist on telling me it's illegal to put it there as it will slide under my feet when driving. Again the police have seen me do it and I showed an officer how once the door is closed it can't move and he was satisfied.

Having lived through a pandemic I now understand all the painting of fat people on couches!

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2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #229654 by Dave_64
Replied by Dave_64 on topic Tenuous Towing
Yet another case of the "do-gooders" poking their well meaning but totally misguided noses into something that doesn't concern them!
For cripes sake! A runaway walking stick?
What next, not allowed to keep your coinage in the centre console? Noise of it rattling may distract you?
I despair sometimes of the way things are heading!
Anyone ever considered the amount of people who may be getting paid to ensure all you miscreants out there are toe-ing the line?
No longer even humourous,
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