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TOPIC: A good night sleep

A good night sleep 03 Jul 2008 11:23 #2104

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Hello All, I dont drive trucks proffessionally anymore but I have alot of compassion for those who do. With the log book system the way it is and the mandatory rest periods I dont think our truckies will get away from but they have to have places to have their break and get a decent sleep. These days the truckies have to share what limited truck bays there are with an ever increasing sea of caravans and bus's full of long haired friends of jesus they are struggling to find a spot. Here in WA close to where I live there is only two truck parking areas in a within 100 km of road. These spaces are small and can only cater for three or four rigs if your lucky. Most of the time they are full of caravans by sun down so if your prescribed stop is midnight you have know where to go. Trucks are parking in shopping center car parks, up side roads and at times on the verge because there is know where to go. The state governments are hammering the truckies with the log books so when are they going to realise a serious amount of money needs to be spent and provide decent area's for these guys to rest. We had a tanker go over here recently with the driver killed. He was over due his rest stop in his book and fell asleep. His partner who survived the crash said he wanted to stop but there was know where safe to do so...give the truckies a break >:(
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Re: A good night sleep 03 Jul 2008 11:53 #2105

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It's one of those things that have been campaigned about for as long as I can remember and yet it's still an issue. Trucks and truckies get blamed for a lot of things yet where would we be without them?! They get a lot of bad press from the likes of A Current Affair and Today Tonight who repeat the same old footage and/or cover the same issue over and over again - usually by journalists who have no idea except how to sensationalise something. Sure there are some - truck drivers - who give the profession a bad name but that's the same for every profession.

The lack of respect is ridiculous - both from a road sense and from a personal sense. Drivers don't give trucks enough room and think they're a menace and governments don't give the industry and its members the breaks they need to make it easier to survive in the job both financially and literally. Your uneducated member of the public will always hear truckies whinging but that's because there's quite a lot to complain about!
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Re: A good night sleep 26 Jul 2008 05:39 #2106

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Hi all ive never driven a truck,
dont know that i want to, but I have the utmost respect for all who do,

My step dad drove cranes for donkeys, he used to tell us stories about idiots trying to undertake him, etc hes driving 50 farkin tonnes and fools want to dice with death!

Theres to many idiot do gooders out there

a cunt of affair are fark wits mate

you cant expect some cock journo to tell the truth its all made up crap to sell stories, get fools to watch, theres to many sheep in this world..

the gov is fkd its ripping us blind, I found out recently after buying a diesel family car
$1.78.9 p/l I get 380 kms to $100 (55l), hows them apples, $20 dearer per week then the solara and 200 less k's

anyways its to early to be ranting

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