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Bucyrus Erie Class III Drageline 22 Jan 2022 21:48 #231012

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Yes Lang it is only 300 psi but still 100 psi can be scarey enough. When in the tyre game we saw some unusual videos. A Ford Laser sitting on top of a 100 x 20 truck tyre inflated to 100 psi. Detonated the lock ring off and the car rolled over after being lifted clear of the tyre.
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Bucyrus Erie Class III Drageline 24 Jan 2022 09:27 #231056

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The old power station at Glen Innes has a 6 cyl Crossley-Premier which running into the mid 80's. The cylinder for air starting at 250psi is built like a steam boiler with inspection man holes etc. For starting the valves are set.
From the manual which came with the engine (which I have)... " Two of the cylinders are fitted with check valves connected by pipes to a cam operated piston distributing valve to which a supply of compressed air is connected through a hand operated valve stop valve. Two marks are fixed on the cam shaft bracket and there is also a pointer on the cam shaft which indicates the position for starting. The opening of the stop valve is then all that is necessary to get the engine turning by compressed air". All cylinders have decompressors so presumably they are dropped once the engine is turning.
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Bucyrus Erie Class III Drageline 24 Jan 2022 13:08 #231061

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I once bought a McLaren genset from Telecom that had air start.....it worked at 450psi,and like the Crossley the engine had to be set for air start.....the flywheel had to be barred over to a start mark...........i would imagine that only engines with individual injector pumps would be suitable ,as the camshaft had plenty of space for more valves etc .......most of the Rustons are like this,even the small 3 cyl from an RB10 in my yard.....its only 250 cu inch ...............anyhoo,back to the McLaren.......it came with boxes of new spares ,if anyone needs anything.
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