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Reply: Info on my Morris commercial

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04 May 2017 20:45 #182234

Morris Commercial club forum

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Have you tried the Morris Commercial club message board ?

03 May 2017 21:19 #182204


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Better still post a picture
03 May 2017 09:07 #182177


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Hello Anonymous,
There are very few reference books on Morris Commercials, other than the usual model-specific handbooks, parts books and workshop manuals. These, obviously, refer to one model only and searching my collection of them would take days.

The reference books I have show very little in the way of engine numbers and most of the model types listed are not marked that way on the vehicles.

My Morris Commercial Series 111, five tonner from about 1958 (I believe the model was introduced in England in 1956 but not exported until a few years later) has an engine number starting in 40/D/U.
It is the Austin designed 6 cylinder, four litre petrol. My 1952 model NVS three tonner has the Morris designed 6 cylinder four litre petrol that was only on the market for some 20 months from its release in 1951. It was replaced by the more modern Austin as above.

The weight figure you quote is about six tons, so the truck is probably a three tonner, allowing three tons for the load and three for the vehicle itself.

If yours is not a 6 cylinder petrol, please let me know:
Petrol or diesel
Number of cylinders
Overhead valve or side valve
"Normal Control" (bonneted) or "Forward Control" (cab over)
Tyre size.

and I will try again to help.

By any chance is your name Vyn and you bought it from Ian?

02 May 2017 19:23 #182149


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Hi I'm just after some info on my Morris. Type yjbgo3p chassis 91171861057. Engine no. 40du404450. Weight 13440 lbs I'm just wondering what the model is and year. I think it's 1952 but not sure. Thank you
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