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TOPIC: TK Bedford

TK Bedford 10 Jul 2017 07:30 #184796

  • Jill
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We own a TK Bedford and are having trouble distinguishing if the motor is a 466 or 500. We have found an engine number but nothing else. P7079735. Can anyone help.

TK Bedford 10 Jul 2017 19:52 #184817

  • mackme
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Hi I had a TK with a 466 in it years ago and if my memory serves me correctly
they have the number 70 cast in big numbers on the passenger side rear of the block.
You won't have to look hard for it as I said the numbers are quite large. Hope it's of some use. Cheers

TK Bedford 10 Jul 2017 20:05 #184818

  • jon_d
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In my manual

466's engine numbers start with P, R or C.

it doesn't mention what a 500 starts with.

TK Bedford 10 Jul 2017 22:29 #184829

  • Sarge :-X
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the gospel says a 466 diesel should have engine number 7,121,853 right side bottom centre of block. it looks like it might sometimes have letter P or R or C then / prefixing the 7
i cant find the 500 listed by that designation, if it is the 8.2 litre motor the the engine number is the same as the 466 in these 25 odd pages.

not what you wanted to hear i guess. any other info on the truck that i might be able to back track????
Sarge B)
ACCO Owner, Atkinson dreamer.

TK Bedford 11 Jul 2017 00:17 #184835

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I'd say it's a 466, as mentioned, most 466 had a large 70 cast midway up the left side at the rear, some later ones had 466 cast there in the era of 500's which had a 500 cast in that same spot. Late 500's only had an N in that spot. Engine numbers of both were generally stamped vertically at the rear of the two side covers on the R/H side and often also began with a 70 for 466 , 500's often began M or L depending on full rated HP or derated truck or bus spec. There were four ratings from memory, two truck and two bus. 500's often had a bit of sound deadening on the rocker & side covers, 466 all tin.

For the benefit of others, if you find a 60 it's a 381 and some early ones had the 60 (& maybe some 70's as well) cast behind the fuel pump.

If it doesn't have two side covers, none of the above applies, one cover is 330 or 300 with engine number in a whole other place.

TK Bedford 11 Jul 2017 08:47 #184845

  • MackMe, Jon_d, Sarge:-x, ABCJohn
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I would like to thank the above replies we had about identifying our bedford. It is apparent from your information we have a 466. Most helpful and thank you once again for your knowledge on the subject. Jill

TK Bedford 16 Aug 2017 13:43 #186021

  • Anonymous
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Hi learned members of the hcvc,
I have recently bought a 3 tonne TK. I'll pick it up in a week.
What fuel consumption can I expect from the 214 Cu? I'll be driving a 1400km trip and need to budget!!

TK Bedford 20 Aug 2017 20:28 #186127

  • anonymous
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On the bedford cdj3 with the 250 motor we got about 10 mpg you can convert that into litres/100k

TK Bedford 21 Aug 2017 05:25 #186136

  • Mrsmackpaul
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I gather the 214 is Petrol, if so I wouldnt expect much better than 10 MPG but a I guess a lot depends on if its a van a tray or what ever the story may be
I would think a furniture would knock it around a fare bit more as well

Your better to die trying than live on your knees begging

TK Bedford 21 Aug 2017 18:08 #186149

  • JOHN.K.
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1400ks with a 214.That would qualify as a marathon,not to mention an endless oddysey.You will surely learn many new words from those stuck behind.I liked the 500 Bedfords,they had plenty of go in them,every bit as good as a 160 Cummins.Later Bedfords had nothing else in the way of diesel motors.At one stage the 330 was dropped,then brought back and the 500 dropped. Then GM went with Isuzu,pretty smart move.
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