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02 Aug 2017 20:10 #185591


atkipete's Avatar

Munroe truck catalogue has a listing for front shocks.
This should take you there.
02 Aug 2017 20:09 #185590


's Avatar

Munroe truck catalogue has a listing;
This should take you to the right page
02 Aug 2017 18:36 #185578


Southbound's Avatar

VIN/chassis number should also be on your rego label.
02 Aug 2017 18:00 #185575


's Avatar

Hi all. Just trying to get my head around this chassis / vin number as I tried to get some bits for mine. The fellow asked me for the six digit number but mine has only five. I have been told that sometimes the first digit is a letter.
I checked again and I only have five numbers. Can someone help here please, all I want is to get a pair of shock absorbers. Thank you. 0481270752.
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