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Reply: Morris Commercial LC3 build year?

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06 Nov 2017 10:05 #188652


's Avatar

Hello LC3 lovers,
Hubby recently purchased 1948 ? Morris Commercial LC3 and loves it, although he does have to put the engine and driveline together !
Hubby is charged with rebuilding, while I'm charged with finding parts ! ! !
I'm looking for advice as to where to start/source engine parts (gaskets and main bearings particularly )
Thanks in advance
20 Oct 2017 13:43 #188164


Mrsmackpaul's Avatar

:lol: :lol: :lol:

years ago I was in the Swan Hill quacks for what ever reason and there was a magazine (cant remember the name of it ) and it had a ford F 8000 I think it was
It was a local truck in the Swan Hill area I think. They had owned it since new and used it I think on stock crate work and it had been thru many rebuilds
The cab sat up high these days and had a 6V92 in it I think

And bugger me the bloody Doctor was running on time and in I went, so I got no idea who owns the truck and have never seen it anywhere since

Ruddy doctors LOL

So seams like some of the country doctors surgeries are better equipped than others

20 Oct 2017 10:53 #188162

Sarge :-X

Sarge  :-X's Avatar

I was surprised myself, not only that the magazine was current but it was a blokes truck magazine.... the only way I know I was not tripping was the belt in the ribs from Mrs Sarge when I was drooling over the glossy's.
20 Oct 2017 08:36 #188161


hayseed's Avatar

Sarge, you really must've been Crook...

A Doctors waiting room with a Current Magazine in It.... C'mon Now...!!
20 Oct 2017 01:17 #188158


grandad's Avatar

Triplex Window Date Code Decoding

If you know the decade your car was produced, you can find the last digit of the year by looking for two dots in the TRIPLEX logo on the glass.

One dot above T, R, E, or X gives the quarter of the year the glass was manufactured:

T is Jan, Feb, March,
R is April, May, June,
E is July Aug, Sept, and
X stands for Oct, Nov, Dec.
To find the year the glass was manufactured, look at the nine letters in the word TOUGHENED.
One dot below a letter gives the year of the decade:

T is 1,
O is 2,
U is 3,
G is 4,
H is 5,
E is 6,
N is 7,
E is 8,
D is 9
If there is no dot, the year is a zero.

This code also works if you have a TRIPLEX window with the word LAMINATED instead of TOUGHENED.
19 Oct 2017 20:41 #188152

Sarge :-X

Sarge  :-X's Avatar

I was having a sit about at the quacks :sick: when I spied the latest edition of the Vintage Trucks and Commercial Vehicles Mag.... so I had a gander I do believe in my poorly state it had an extensive article on a Morris LC3.... but I was a bit butchers at the time.... :sick: :sick:
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