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Reply: 1975 D5N Dodge Truck two speed motor Parts

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29 Oct 2017 16:38 #188436

Allan Dunsford

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Hi John re two speed I have been told by mate that its definitely not an Eaton motor are you able to check out your motor and advise me . Regards Allan
Mob 0429082419
25 Oct 2017 18:13 #188341

RE Two Speed Motors

's Avatar

Evening Paul all I can give you is that it a 1975 D5N 318 V/8 with a Rockwell Diff am told its definitely not an Eaton 2/speed .

Regards Allan
25 Oct 2017 14:03 #188336


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

Then there are the guys who want stuff taken out of the scrap bin.I put some Mack stuff in the bin,but it was laying in the paddock for about a month beforehand,in case it was wanted.Half a dozen lookers,scratching their heads and pulling their beards.Dont scrap that gearbox,save that diff for me. Never turn up until the stuff is in the bin under tons of other stuff.
25 Oct 2017 13:56 #188334


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

I got lots of stuff thats hard to find.......its even harder to find when I scrap it.Had a couple of guys around looking for acco doors............gave em a pair.....wernt up to their high standard ,wrong color or someting. "we wont take em now,we'll come back next weekend.They leaned them up against the scrap bin........bin gone doors gone........uh oh ,where are our doors? have you got any more?
25 Oct 2017 11:03 #188332

Sarge :-X

Sarge  :-X's Avatar

Now there is the word of God, or his number one assistant.... welcome back into the world of grease and gunk Bob....

and just so we know, will an Eaton two speed work on a Rockwell Diff?
24 Oct 2017 23:17 #188321

bob ex midland truck wreckers

's Avatar

take the 2speed motor off getting very hard to find
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