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Reply: ACCO1950B DV550

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07 Nov 2017 19:43 #188704


's Avatar

Yes the engine starts and runs on 4 cylinders 2 each side converts to 8cyl
At approx 80 percent maximum fuel
Rack Position its normal to operate
On 4 cylinders at
1/2 or 2/3 of full load.
During cold weather ether is required to start heavy exaust smoke is normal for cold engine takes a while to warm engine up because running on 4 cyl
I put new rings and bearings in about 10 years ago parts from USA can't buy any parts Australia anymore.
Over square engine low torque.
07 Nov 2017 16:28 #188695


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

The 6 s were good motors,with a few problem bits.If the oil pickup was fixed,that solved the seizure problem.They were reckoned to have better lugging ability in the bogie drives than a Perkins.The Factory went in 1980s to Case in settlement of the chapter 11 .The Blue Star motor was made there ,and was an excellent motor.Fitted to the 1950C
07 Nov 2017 13:37 #188688


Mrsmackpaul's Avatar

dunno about the 6 cylinders been duds, they have always had a very good reputation among farmers I have been around both in acco's and tractors
I have a 6 cylinder thats done 8500 - 9000 hours and still runs like a clock
The V 8's reputation wasnt as good but not as bad as the tripple trouble Cummins
There was and would say still is good supply of second hand trucks going out to farms once they were traded in the bigger cities so its not as if the Neuss motors were brand new to farmers in trucks

07 Nov 2017 10:40 #188683


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

A lot of people called them 'Noyes" motors and reckoned they were made by Noyes Bros,the Volvo agents in those days.Bit of an insult,as the early Volvo motors ran rings round anything Inter ever put out.
07 Nov 2017 10:32 #188682


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

IH bought the old Jumbo factory in Neuss,a suburb of Hamburg.They made tractors there ,excellent tractors but very complex compared to any Inter tractor before,and they often ended up in pieces,farmers not used to such things.As I recall ,the Neuss truck motors had a very poor reputation,the sixes because of a pressed tin oil pickup that used to break and seize the motor.The first ones also had problems with the Bosch VE/VF rotary pumps wearing out rapidly.The V8s had a poor reputation too,the rough idle didnt help,Ive seen lots of them put into scrapbins early on.Be a very rare motor today,I would think.
07 Nov 2017 09:19 #188679


atkipete's Avatar

Neuss referred to the IH plant in Germany ( town called Neuss on Rhine). As I understand various IH engines were built there but similar engines could have been built at other IH plants.
Can anyone clarify this?
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