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Reply: Bedford blp2 1978 bus

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23 Nov 2017 18:03 #189085


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

Bedford manuals are separate; motor,gearbox ,diff ,brakes etc,so identify the bits you have and you shouldnt have any problem finding manuals.As to the seats,they are worthless,unless someone wants some,scrapwise also virtually worthless,unless there are alloy frames,and then you ll have to dismantle them.Lot of work for a couple of bucks.Put the seats on ebay...you might get a bite.
23 Nov 2017 05:10 #189071


's Avatar

Hi everyone I have just recently purchased the bus from the Australian film Red Dog and converting into a motorhome. I m finding it really hard to find a service manual etc was really hoping someone might have one. Also is there a market for the seats I have removed basically all of them and rather than turn them into scrap I was hoping to sell them . I know I’m not part of your forum but I would be really appreciative if anyone could help.
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