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Reply: International Acco engine/ gearbox combination

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09 Dec 2017 20:08 #189441


werkhorse's Avatar

Southbound ........

pretty slick ...... and can shift pretty good too LOL
09 Dec 2017 19:14 #189438


Southbound's Avatar

Interesting topic. Has anyone ever seen a Woman drive a truck? From the passenger seat? I have hung the 'Driver under instruction' signs more than once and also taught some ladies in CFA trucks. Women are much easier to teach and gentle on the gearbox. ;)
09 Dec 2017 07:12 #189427


atkipete's Avatar

In an overdrive 9 speed you normally have this pattern
Ie third and fourth gears ( also seven and eighth) are swapped around.

It will be harder to learn the box unless throttle and gear linkages are working properly.
08 Dec 2017 20:34 #189418


Blackduck59's Avatar

With third and fourth alongside each other I would say overdrive. 4th is direct with 5th overdrive. The same as my RTO 610.
Those Acco shift linkages were not too bad if you get all the excess play out of them
Cheers Steve
08 Dec 2017 14:27 #189413


's Avatar

Hi thanks for the replies.

Following your advice, we are going to use the road ranger, one of the concerns is if someone else needs to drive the truck at some stage, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I don't actually drive said trucks so the wife has gone about teaching her self the brutal art of changing/removing gears from said road ranger!! The shift pattern is a bit strange as third and fourth are next to each other towards the windscreen. It is a linkage throttle and unbelievably hard to push down. The horse truck that this motor gearbox combo is going into has a cable throttle that should fix that. I was told you can get a cable shift kit for the gearbox to replace the rod/ linkage is this true and where would we find such item.

Thanks for your help looking forward to getting the old girl back on the road should go much better. Will have a look on weekend to see if it is an overdrive or the doner truck has taller gearing it is a lot quicker than the horse truck.
06 Dec 2017 21:17 #189397


JOHN.K.'s Avatar

Anon hasnt actually said what kind of "roadranger" he has.Eaton Fuller used to market a couple of crappy single countershaft euro gearboxes in the 80s,which they called "roadrangers".They were cheap synchro 9speeds that were nothing but trouble.So,what box does he have.......The correct twin countershaft box for a Perk would be a 609,a pretty rare box.The common box on a Perk would be a 610.......On the smaller T/C boxes ,you cant just swap the gears around to get an OD,you have (had) to buy a kit with 6 gears in it and other bits,and it wernt cheap.
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