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TOPIC: D5N 300 3rd Gear noise

D5N 300 3rd Gear noise 21 Oct 2018 13:20 #196738

  • HuckelBerri
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Great minds think a like John
I was thinking that also
I was look at worst case swapping boxes.If I had to pull the box out to repair.
Why not slip a 5 speed in and make it a little more drivable.
At the moment Im playing with my Chrysler AP1 the D5n can wait

But thanks for the ideas & encouragement

D5N 300 3rd Gear noise 22 Oct 2018 14:39 #196750

  • Dave_64
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Don't mean to hijack the topic, but came across something similar recently.
I have had both Dodge NP435 and NP445 boxes apart within the last couple of years and although things like stickout length, spline count and overall spline diameter of the input shafts are the same, the tooth counts where they mesh with the mainshaft gear ARE different.
Putting aside other makers adaptations (Inter and Ford), I wondered whether the Dodge NP540 series boxes, be they either direct or O/D, ever used the fine 23spline input shaft. I doubt it as most would have had the larger diameter (1&1/8" or 1&1/4" X10 spline to my way of thinking, to take the larger diameter clutch plate.
Wouldn't imagine you would be able to use theNP435 input shaft in an NP540 series because of the different input tooth counts anyway.
The 5 speed direct may have a slightly lower 1st gear and the remaining 4 a better spread than the old 4 speed 435's which had the 6.68:1 first and then that huge step to 2nd gear.
Any other thoughts?

D5N 300 3rd Gear noise 22 Oct 2018 15:56 #196751

  • JOHN.K.
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Definitely be needing a different clutch plate...1 3/8"x 16....and probably the flywheel too,as the clutch is 12".....but he s gettin a D5N as donor....be needin to mix and match tailshafts......weld here ,weld there ,grind here,a cut there,its all good.
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D5N 300 3rd Gear noise 22 Oct 2018 19:03 #196755

  • HuckelBerri
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Thanks Gentlemen for you thoughts and imput
When I get back to it after vintage I will have a look.
I was thinking it may have been an easy swap? But then nothing in this world is easy.
Everything is on the table at present

D5N 300 3rd Gear noise 24 Oct 2018 16:57 #196777

  • busman
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After vintage ? You a vigneron HuckelBerri ?
We have just come back from a trip to Stanthorpe, bit flush with cash at the minute after selling the business, so bought a house up there on 10 acres. Intention is to put in 1/2 acre or so of alternative variety vines and have a play at being a winemaker, and run away in VP in winter while nothing is happening apart from cold, cold, cold. Kind of having our cake and drinking it too.
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