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Reply: How to move 1950 ford f6 for restoration---economically

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18 Dec 2018 10:21 #197562


hayseed's Avatar

Try Here, www.loadshift.com.au/

Due to the size of your truck ,Whatever you do will cost far more than any Car size Vehicle..

Have Fun.
18 Dec 2018 08:03 #197559


Eddy's Avatar

Buy yourself a banana-back or tilt tray truck, do the move, then on-sell it.
17 Dec 2018 19:00 #197548


AaronS's Avatar

Could try to get a backload. Cannot remember the website.

But even if it costs $1000 or more, by the time you frig around with it yourself you’d probably wished you found a way to get the money for a tow truck to do it.

Unfortunately old trucks cost money. Sometimes enough to clench my sphincter. Tight. Reeaaal right. Just something you need to get used too.
17 Dec 2018 17:58 #197547


's Avatar

Any advice on how to transport 1950 Ford F6 from wimmera to melb for restoration would be appreciated, aside from 1000s to tow co.
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