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TOPIC: Morris Commercial Diesel (Saurer type CDD.2)

Morris Commercial Diesel (Saurer type CDD.2) 01 Feb 2014 19:06 #136329

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Gday chaps!
Hoping the bloke still had the old Morris Truck, he did and I bought it today to restore, Can anyone tell me anymore or have any info tucked away for these Saurer built diesel compression ignition engines, I just bought the workshop manual for it from some chap in the UK and had it sent over on the boat (bought it on ebay the manual for $40+ freight, another in Oz wanted $100 for another, its still on ebay).

I need to get it from Dubbo to the Sunshine Coast and doesn't drive, so need to be winched on, waiting on a blokes reply on here for a backload he may be able to help out, if the price is not too steep.

So, apparently ive done multiple research on these, petrol and diesel, seems the petrol ones are quite common (using the word 'common' loosely) but still sort after than the diesel ones, well im yet to see one with the "DIESEL" badge on the front grille as mine does, how rare are these? what is one full restored worth? though im not in it for the money to sell, im keeping it for good but still like most of us, its a curious thing to the mind once you have something in your possession that you know little of it but know enough to know it aint like the rest out there and its not as common as the 99.9% of blokes that actually do own one, how many are there out there that own a diesel powered Morris Commercial that could shed some light about it , also what is the model as in LC3, LC5? Is it FV range 5 tonne?? It looks 5 tonne, has a long chassis, its about 6.5m long


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Re: Morris Commercial Diesel (Saurer type CDD.2) 01 Feb 2014 20:13 #136330

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Hallo Muzza,
There were some on farms around here.
The Saurer diesel is Swiss, post war Fiat tractor motors were made under licence.
One fellow said keep below 30 mph to avoid bearing problems.
Another farmer had three, his reasoning being each would have less to do so it would be longer between repairs. He came in to the wheat bin one morning with his first load, on to the weighbridge, found he had come 15 miles with an empty one, " thought the old girl was pulling well"
There wouldn't be many around, an interesting one to restore.
Our neighbour had a petrol one, 4 cylinder side valve, 8.25x20 tyres.
Cheers, David.

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Re: Morris Commercial Diesel (Saurer type CDD.2) 02 Feb 2014 07:53 #136331

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In spite of the large numbers built there is actually very little written on Morris Commercial Trucks. The 25cwt LC3 picked up on the pre war design and was 'modernised' by the LC4 and then LC5. The 'NV' (N for normal control and F for forward control) series followed the general styling of the LC5 but on a larger scale. First available as the NVS.12/3 (12' wheelbase and 3 ton rating) and NVS.12/5 in 1950 with a 4197cc petrol engine. The following year the 4459cc Saurer diesel became available as an option in the 5 tonner. The model ended in 1956 when the BMC influence took over.

I have only seen one diesel NV in the flesh and that is in the Richardson museum in New Zealand. There are a few NV's around but very few diesel ones. Apparently the Morris built Saurer motor was not a successful motor. Well done on preserving an important piece of history.
For valuation see previous threads on the subject.

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Re: Morris Commercial Diesel (Saurer type CDD.2) 02 Feb 2014 13:12 #136332

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Thanks very much lads, as a young bloke I highly believe in tradition and love hearing history of the 'old days' and stories of the wise..could listen to some for days. I only just worked out what the FV & NV meant last night, I love the look of those stub nose bonnet trucks too, mine is a NV then I guess, Ill try to post some pics of her (cant seem to post pics on here though), shes rough but most definitely restorable, she even still has the old yellow 'STOP' hand (is that what it is??) hanging on the drivers door, I seen it on some trucks in photos that had been restored.


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Re: Morris Commercial Diesel (Saurer type CDD.2) 09 Oct 2019 22:48 #203410

  • Ray Bell
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I know this is a long time after the original posts...

But I saw a diesel Morris Commercial today at Highfields near Toowoomba. I've never seen one before either.

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