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Rules for "For sale" listings.

9 years 5 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #153855 by hayseed
Posting “For Sale” ads

Mandatory criteria
If you are posting your own ad you must include the following three pieces of information or you listing will be removed to the recycle bin by the moderator who will then contact you to supply the missing information before re-listing the ad.

1) Location
You MUST put a Location in the listing. Even if you have entered your location in your Profile, it is important that everyone can see clearly in your ad where (ie town and state) the item for sale is located

2) Price
All for sale listings MUST have an asking Price. If you aren’t sure how much to ask, then include a minimum you would accept (eg offers above $3,000 considered, or $5,000 or near offer).

3) Preferred Contact method.
Please list your preferred contact method, IE: PM, Email or Phone.
If (for privacy reasons) you choose not to include your Ph. No. or Email address in your Listing, it's recommended you tick the Box in your profile control panel, to receive Email notifications of any PM's you receive so you can respond in a Timely Manner

The above 3 criteria are mandatory,

Optional criteria

4) Photos.
Photos really do help you sell your Item.
If you're having trouble posting Photos?
Please refer the photo posting details in the Forum FAQs.

5) Item details.
The more detail you provide the less Questions you will be asked (eg Make, model, year, engine type, gearbox size, condition). This is especially important if you don’t include photos, so please provide as much detail as possible.

6) It is Strongly recommended that ALL haggling / negotiations/ Financial Arrangements be conducted in Private.

7) When the Item has been sold,
Please put a post up to that effect. upon which time the Thread will locked.

Posting comments on items for sale
The Person selling the Item is only after ONE thing MONEY. They are not after, Opinions/Judgements/Criticism, or Personal attacks. Therefore; Any posts containing any of these elements. WILL BE DELETED Any thread that has 5 posts deleted will be LOCKED & become Read only.

Posting Links to items advertised elsewhere
You are welcome to post a link to advertisement you find on other sites such as ebay, gumtree, or a clearing sale, if they are likely to be of interest to other forum members.

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And those that mind....
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