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Re: Detroit Devil 09 Oct 2014 16:16 #140920

  • jeffo
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Newnham Road/Capalaba Road, been a long time since I lived in Brisy.

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Re: Detroit Devil 11 Nov 2014 21:28 #140921

Just sent you a personal message.

Loosley. :) ;)

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Re: Detroit Devil 13 Nov 2014 18:56 #140922

  • SmallyS2
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How,s it going everyone, really enjoy the chats and photo's you blokes put up, I have a bit of info on the Detroit Devil and the 1978 Drag Series. When I was 8 yrs old the old man brought me a Truckin Life magazine that is dedicated to the World cup Truck Drag Series 1978, heaps of great photo,s and there is also a write up on Rick Andrew's W model from Perth which was the quickest truck of the day at Castlereagh. It goes on to say his truck was the dark horse of the series, it was powered by an 892T GM at more than 400HP, had 2 six inch exhaust pipes direct from the engine aimed at the ground and had a habit of blasting soot, stones and grass at unsuspecting passers by. Also it makes mention that the owner was that determined to make it to the event that he worked on the old girl as it was being transported across the Nullabor on a semi owned by Barry Patterson. His best time of the day was an 18.305 over the quarter on a wet track,"the Kenworth bucked, slid sideways in a halo of steam and spray, got traction and howled down the track as if it had been fired from a giant bazooka. The article does say it may have put the wind up old Tyrone Malone, but he did beat the Kenworth at the end of the day. I tell you what you older blokes really knew how to have a good time, wish there was still active truck drags. At the moment I don't know how to put photo's on the forum, there's some cracka pictures in the magazine and I'd like to try and share them with everyone. By the way I have a 1973 S2 Challenger, was originally a 555 and 10spd, when I got the truck it had an L10 and 13spd, I'm in the process of fitting a 350 big cam and have converted a 9spd to 13. Also nearly finished an AT4 Dodge, 454 Chev and 4spd Auto on a Holden ute chassis, my 13 year old son has inherited from his grandfather a 265Hp Deutz with a 10spd ZF, he had it on float work and logs in the 70's and 80's. Hope you blokes can get some of your trucks down to the East Gippsland Heritage Truck Display, we don't have many truck events down here, it will be great to see some old banga's. Cheer's

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Re: Detroit Devil 13 Nov 2014 20:12 #140923

...g'day smally and welcome to the forum .. Bruce McDonald is the man to have a chat with, and with his son ''Scooter'' they could tell you everything that was either bullshit or fair dinkum about that time from way back in those drag racing days....

...pretty sure overlander has got the inside running on all of this, but i do know that after having Bruce over at my joint a few years back.....he is extremely proud of his truck drag racing days and seeing Tyrone Malone off to cool his heels!! 8-) 8-)

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Re: Detroit Devil 13 Nov 2014 20:27 #140924

  • SmallyS2
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Thanks for the welcome Detective, as I say I will work on trying to scan and upload some pictures from my cherished magazine and share them with others.
Oo Roo

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Re: Detroit Devil 15 Nov 2014 22:57 #140925

overlander asked if I could I could put his pictures of the

Devil and Satans Son back up.

Loosley. :) ;)

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Re: Detroit Devil 16 Nov 2014 07:30 #140926

  • Swishy
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Dun clik here ifn U orll ready scene it

Clikity ..................................... ClikClikClik


There's more WORTH in KENWORTH

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Re: Detroit Devil 16 Nov 2014 08:36 #140927

Thanks Swishy,

Borrowed from Swishy's video for educational purpose

Loosley. ;D ;D

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Detroit Devil 16 Oct 2019 23:29 #203582

  • Gryphon
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this is from the Forum mailbox........I hope I have found the right thread.


I was reading with interest about satin's son in some old 2014 posts by OVERLANDER,

Several posts regarding the Townsville drags Billy Gordon etc. and the final day of Satan's Son.

I was driving the haul Truck from Perth to Townsville, the owner Rick Andrews from Perth flew in and Drove, I then took it to Surfers Paradise where it Raced again.

Eventually I raced against Rick (my Boss) in the Road hauler at that meet at which it pulled Low 12 Secs as the night got colder.

After the event , it was loaded onto the REAR of the drop deck (post said the front).

And it did indeed burn out of Cobar, suspect was a blown tire lit up and when I stopped it spread.. At that point I was more interested in getting the road truck out, which I did and went to Perth bobtail.

Then faced the music ?

I know there is prob no interest left about this truck, but if you could pass the info to Overlander it may interest him

Best regards

Daryl Clayton
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Detroit Devil 17 Oct 2019 15:10 #203584

  • LN700
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Gryphon & Daryl,
A few years back i wrote a story for a club newsletter on the Detroit Devil.

When I showed the story to a mate at work he asked me if the Devil had been burnt in a incident.

I was able to tell him No, the truck returned to normal duty after its racing life.

My mate spent his teenage years in Cobar as his dad was a Sargent at the Cobar police station,one day his dad said that a trailer
that had another truck on the deck had caught fire and was left on the side of the road.

He was asked if he could guard the wreckage overnight so that it could be removed the next day.

My mate knew that the burnt truck was something special and as you can guess, it was Satan's Son.

LN700 B) :ohmy:

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