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Commer 5 speed shift pattern 07 Nov 2021 23:10 #227801

  • JOHN.K.
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Depends on the age of the Dseries.......later ones ,around 1980s ,had the big Ford suitcase box,which was said to be made in Germany by Eaton.....anyhoo,in the same casing (split on the midline,and flat) you could get either a FordRanger 8speed range change,or a simple progressive 6 speed......The last of the D series like the D1414 were a real good truck.

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Commer 5 speed shift pattern 07 Nov 2021 23:25 #227805

  • hayseed
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I'm pretty sure it was a five speed Turner in the 1970 Ford I had. Non overdrive. I do not know how to put pictures or diagrams up here but if you think of an extended H pattern with Reverse at top left, Ist below that, Forth at top centre, Fifth at bottom centre, Second at top right and Third at bottom right. You may have to draw it as an extended H to understand it. I found it un-natural to drive but at least I did not go to sleep when going through the gears!
Morris, I drove one of those many, many years ago. It also had a two speed diff and IIRC, 1, 2 and 3 were split progressively; from 4 low the next ratio was 5 low, then 4 high, 5 high. As you said, kepy one on one's toes.

I had a Ford LN7000 single Drive Prime mover back in the Day with that Gear change.(Have a feeling It was a Clarke Box) As you said kept you thinking, pretty easy to stuff when feeling a bit "doughy"
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