Updated 28th July.

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Model Rules

The Club is governed by the Model Rules issued by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

A copy of the current model rules is available here,


The model rules are available in four different languages.

Important Changes - Vic Club Permit Scheme

Change to Club Permit Scheme applications for HCVCA.

Although the proposed changes to the (Victorian) CPS have not yet been implemented into the Regulations the requirement for photographs of the vehicle are being introduced by HCVCA from December 1 2014.

Any application made to HCVCA must have included with the application form, an original of Roadworthy Certificate, stamped self-addressed envelope and photographs of the vehicle thus –
            • Front view
            • Rear view
            • Right hand side view (full length)
            • Left hand side view (full length)
            • Engine compartment (bird’s eye view if possible)
            • Driving position.

Photographs should be 15cm x 10cm (6 x4 inch) colour hard copy.

Photos will be labelled and stored by the Club for VicRoads inspection if required.

Applications will not be processed if photos not included with application.

Dennis Brooks.

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