As part of the new integrated Club site and Forum is the inclusion of a Photo Gallery where members will be able to upload images into organised areas for browsing and also used in their posts on the Forum. At the time of writing this it is still under development so the details below may change.

Rather than just uploading images into the Forum or individuals Photobuckets the HCVC Gallery intends to provide a organised collection of images to can be browsed by related attributes like Make, type, vintage or even colour if we like. By having a lot of images in one place we hope to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for rather than scrolling through posts and threads looking for something they remember was posted a few months back that they now want.

Images upload into the Gallery can be used in the Forum in the same way they can be included from 3rd Party sources like Photo Bucket and Facebook.

While performing the upload of the image should be fairly straightforward this gallery will require people to take a moment to think about which category to store the image or we may just have an in box and the Gallery Curator will do the required work to move it into the right category and add the correct tags to help people find it.

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