insert image iconBeing able to take a photo from your computer or device and upload it directly into your post can be done by using the Attachments feature and this article explains how to make it happen. Images must have a file-size of less than 3MB or they will be uploaded and then you will receive a message saying the file is too large, wasting your data allowance if you are using a phone etc. and you will need to resize it and try again.


 Adding images to your posts directly as attachments can be convenient and quite easy once you have done it a couple of times and you can manage the images you have uploaded by going to your Forum profile and clicking on the 'Attachments' Tab.

How To:

You need to have the Post open with the Forum Editor.

At the bottom of the Editor you will see the section titled Attachments with an Add File button.

Add File Tutorial


Press the Add File button and depending on the type of computer or device you are using you will be given the option to select a image or photo from your computer or device.

The file name selected will then appear in the #1 box as shown below.

Add File Tutorial 2


Now place the Cursor into the message body where you would like the image to appear and press the Insert button.

Add File Tutorial 3

You can see in the above screen shot that your file-name is now between the [attachment] BBcode tags.


At this point you can repeat the process to Add and Insert more images up to a maximum of 5 images.

You can now select Submit or Preview buttons, however at this point the images you have selected will be uploaded this may take a while. The larger the images, the more images you have added and the speed of your connection will determine how soon it is before you see the page refresh and your view of the post or the preview.

That is it.

 Remove a File

To remove a file you can press the Remove button that is next to the file-name.

Thumbnail Views

You can upload your image and display it as a Thumbnail in your post rather than display the whole image.

Follow the steps above but do not press the Insert button.

If your image is already uploaded and displaying, you only need to remove the [attachment]lurl[/attachment] from the post and the image will appears as a thumbnail at the bottom of the post.

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