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My F117 RST Nullarbor Adventure - Part 11

I eased back onto the road with the lights of Pt Augusta soon glowing in the distance. I kept my speed down incase another roo jumped out in front of me. It's then that I notice 3 bright lights in my drivers side mirror, but not in the part of the mirror that I would normally see them.

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My F117 RST Nullarbor Adventure - Part 12

Monday night 2nd of May @ Pt Augusta Roadhouse.

There's only one B Double, the orange/silver trailer and dolly, plus one other prime mover over the other side of the parking lot. It has me wondering if this is the place to sleep with so few trucks around, plus there's bright lighting covering most parts of the lot.

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My F117 RST Nullarbor Adventure - Part 13

Tuesday Morning 3rd of May.

I sent Patricia the picture of the silver and orange trailer, as only she knew the full story and significance which led me to buying this truck.
My first ever long trip in a semi was with Eddy Holland in his old F700 Maxidyne pictured earlier. Later I would often jump in the F700 on school holidays or weekends to either help him load/unload, or to take a second trailer up to either Pt Augusta or Pimba.

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My F117 RST Nullarbor Adventure - Part 14

The lights are now behaving themselves and the road condition is reasonable. I'm pushing on towards Renmark. It's well after lunch now, so I'll have to find somewhere to eat. As I come to the end of the Goyder highway and turn left onto the Sturt highway, I remember numerous road trips where we would stop on the way back to Adelaide and buy some fresh fruit. This only makes me more hungry…

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My F117 RST Nullarbor Adventure - Part 15

Before David’s mate joined us, we talked about our combined knowledge of some very early road trains in South Australia circa WW2. It was nice to finally meet someone that also knew about them, as I had seen personal pictures from one of the then drivers who was an old family friend.

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