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Registration / New Member Request

To request New access to the Forum requires you to send an email to the Forum staff and save time and effort we ask tat you include the following information in your email. If you already have registered with the Forum in the past you can ask for a reset of your existing account.

If you don't really wish to join the Forum but you would like to advertise some old vehicle of interest, trying to contact a member or maybe you just have a little something to add to a post you can use the Public Board where you can post without registering, however all your posts will first be reviewed before appearing to the public and spam or offensive ones will be deleted.


Information we require in your email is;

Your Name: This is your real name

User name:  The name that will appear next to your posts and you use to login.

HCVC #:     If you are a member of the HCVC, please include your Membership number.

Description: A short description of your interest in the Forum and why you want to join. As well as being interesting to read and an anti-spam measure it also helps us to know a little about what people are looking for and maybe help people with specific requests.


After receiving your email and it being processed you should received an automatically generated email with login details and a confirmation email from one of the Forum Staff to say your user-id has been created. If you haven't received either in 48 hours, then please contact us again.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.