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UD CWA45 wiper pivot

1 year 2 days ago #246621 by PDU
Replied by PDU on topic UD CWA45 wiper pivot
This won't help you at all but might entertain you a wee bit? :unsure:

Thirty odd years ago I was working in a Resource Centre in Central Australia (outback) as a teacher/printer and a gear was stripped in the print room A3 collator.

As a new gear would cost $84 dollars, and would take several weeks to arrive, I decided to strip down an A4 collator. Basically so I could use the gear from that one for the job I was doing . . .

. . . except it was a different size! In desperation I went out to the tip (approximately five acres of derelict cars) and ended up using a gear salvaged from a wiper motor. :ohmy: Worked brilliantly!

You got to be lucky (if a little persistent) sometimes!? ;)
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