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56 Thames

8 years 7 months ago #165002 by Roughy
56 Thames was created by Roughy
Hi everyone, a few of you may remember a couple of months ago I was looking for a new project and I happened to stumble across Allen Kent's yard in Glenn Innes. In particular I stumbled into a 1956 Thames.

Well I ended up buying it, and have been spending my afternoons after work for the last 5 or so weeks tinkering. My main efforts have been to get the brakes in some sort of working order. So far I have front brakes working with the foot pedal and 1 rear brake with the hand brake.

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8 years 7 months ago #165005 by Bugly
Replied by Bugly on topic 56 Thames
Keep at it Roughy ... get many little jobs out of the road one-by-one and suddenly you'll find it nearly finished!!

1948 Fordson E83W 10/10 pickup

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8 years 7 months ago #165006 by Mairjimmy
Replied by Mairjimmy on topic 56 Thames
Roughy the cabin seems to be straight so that should come up all right, do you have the glass and is the engine a goer, V8 l presume. . good luck with your tinkering.

Time to get up andd get going.......todays bad decisions aren't going to make themselves!!!

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8 years 7 months ago #165021 by Roughy
Replied by Roughy on topic 56 Thames
Thanks guys, all encouragement is greatly appreciated.

The cabin is in really good condition. I'll have to get the welder out to patch up some rust along the back, nothing too bad though, other than that only a few little dents so it should come up really well. The front guards have some pretty good dents which will definitely test the panel beating skills.

The passenger door window is broken, other than that I have all the glass. Will probably have to get some new glass for the two front windscreens as it's not in great condition.

Yes it's a goer, I did a little bit of rewiring over the weekend because I noticed some melted insulation on a few cables and the coil wired up backwards. I bought a battery on Monday and she kicked over first go. It's only the 4 cylinder version, however I found a flathead v8 on ebay and plan to put that in it.

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