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TOPIC: Oversize load off the road (Tas.)

Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 19 Oct 2019 13:59 #203638

  • Roderick Smith
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Highland Lakes Rd at Apsley completely blocked after truck rollover
Hobart 'Mercury' September 20, 2019
The scene of a truck rollover on Highland Lakes Road at Apsley. The truck was carrying a 68m wind turbine blade. Picture: TASMANIA POLICE
19.9.19 HIGHLAND Lakes Rd has been completely blocked after a truck carrying a 68m wind turbine rolled, and could remain closed until midnight.
At about 6.20, police said that they were attending a rollover at Apsley, 3km to the Bothwell side of the intersection with Lower Marshes Rd. No injuries were reported.
At about 7.20, police said the road was completely blocked, and given the logistics involved in clearing the scene, the road was likely to remain closed for about 12 hours.
The scene of a truck rollover on Highland Lakes Road at Apsley. Picture: TASMANIA POLICE
Police advised motorists to avoid the area, and those with essential travel to use an alternative route.
At about 8.20, police said that the road was blocked by the truck and a wind turbine blade it was carrying.
Inspector Philippa Burk said the wind turbine blade was on its way to the Cattle Hill Wind Farm, located on the eastern shore of Lake Echo.
“The truck has failed to negotiate that sweeping left-hand bend and tipped over carrying the blade,” she said.
“The driver of the truck has no injuries and no other vehicles were involved.
“He managed to get free from the truck as it’s obviously gone over.”
Inspector Burke said the truck and blade, which had a combined total weight of 60 t, was being escorted by Transport Tasmania safety vehicles and Transport Safety Officers at the time of the crash.
She said it was “extremely lucky” nobody was injured.
Inspector Burke described the crash clean-up ahead as “quite substantial”.
“This will be a massive recovery operation, obviously involving cranes,” she said.
“It could be midnight before the roads are open.”
Inspector Burke would not comment on whether the truck driver was driving safely, but said a “thorough investigation” would be conducted.
Cattle Hill Wind Farm is owned by Power China Group and Goldwind Capital Australia.
The transportation of oversize turbine components from the Port of Bell Bay to the Cattle Hill Wind Farm project site has been ongoing since March.
Deliveries are expected to be complete in October, with about 528 oversize loads required for the 48 turbine project.
Goldwind Australia managing director John Titchen on Thursday said the company was appreciative of the “timely support” provided by local emergency services at the scene of the crash.
“Goldwind was concerned to be notified early this morning, a truck transporting a 68-metre wind turbine blade rolled on to its side on Highlands Lakes Road at Apsley,” he said.
“Local emergency services, including Tas Police, Tas Fire Service and SES provided an immediate response to the incident and WorkSafe Tasmania has been notified.”
Mr Titchen said an investigation into the cause of the incident had began. “Follow up actions will be undertaken in liaison with WorkSafe Tasmania,” he said.
“Goldwind Australia management and staff place safety as our highest priority.
“A comprehensive safety management system is in place at Cattle Hill Wind Farm as part of Goldwind Australia’s certified safety management system.”
20.9 8.00: The road was reopened soon after 2.00.
MORE: Our top 10 crash spots revealed
www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/high...00711d058760204d1b3e great photo



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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 19 Oct 2019 17:48 #203640

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Hello mum .... bettr put me tea in the oven ..... I might B a lil late


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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 20 Oct 2019 07:53 #203645

  • Morris
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I'm glad that Safety Vehicles and Safety Officers were there!:evil: (that's me at my cynical best)
I can't see how they helped!
I have my shoulder to the wheel,
my nose to the grindstone,
I've put my best foot forward,
I've put my back into it,
I'm gritting my teeth,

Now I find I can't do any work in this position!

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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 20 Oct 2019 16:38 #203660

  • rex
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Unfortunately this accident was one of our deliveries and while the driver was on his 31st delivery with this blade a simple communication went wrong. YES WE GOT IT WRONG. And yes we have spent a considerable amount of money and time to find a better way forward to possibly prevent another occasion like the one you have published.
Just for the record the Blade is 67 metres long therefore the transport is high risk.
My own personal embarrassment is sufficient to say I accept this copy of publication on this web site but do we really need it ?
Making a small effort to save the history of road transport in Australia by being in front of Simms
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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 20 Oct 2019 19:20 #203666

  • Sarge :-X
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Well done Rex for owning a mistake, you could have said nothing and most of us would have been none the wiser.
May any other mistakes be little'uns.
Sarge B)
ACCO Owner, Atkinson dreamer.

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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 21 Oct 2019 13:06 #203687

  • asw120
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I was looking at the picture and wondering if he went too tight, or caught a gust of wind....

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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 21 Oct 2019 16:53 #203690

  • Gryphon
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was looking at the stone guard on the windscreen and wondered if he just leaned it over a bit too much. :)


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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 22 Oct 2019 06:43 #203708

  • werkhorse
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Having travelled that road a little bit in a normal semi (sideloader) I reckon those blokes are doing a bloody great job getting something that length up there... Not exactly made for things even half that length
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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 22 Oct 2019 22:44 #203721

  • JOHN.K.
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I saw that on the telly(ABC News),and one of the truckies (Rex?)......says .".No worries mate,we can get it straightened out good as new on the jobsite."

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Oversize load off the road (Tas.) 23 Oct 2019 04:33 #203723

  • Mrsmackpaul
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Over recent years people have commented about the forum should be more like Facebook and what's difference anyhow

Well the difference is pretty simple to me

On a post like this there would of been heaps of keyboard warriors that have been shifting blades since before they were invented and they would all know exactly what went wrong and would argue about for days and how much smarter they would have been

Dont ever make this forum like Facebook

Bugger of a day for Rex and crew no doubt
But I guess its like we say when you have cattle, "when you got live ones, your gunna have deaf ones"

Good days and bad days for the rest of the world LOL

Your better to die trying than live on your knees begging
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