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Stable mate.

2 years 6 months ago #230081 by 77louie400
Replied by 77louie400 on topic Stable mate.

Sadly oyamum, it's not mine. I'm only the guy who gets to inspect them for our club. While I do love the old T lines and 3070's, the LTL is my pick.

Have'n driven both the LTL would be my pick to, or in my case a LNT, it's nice to see a Inter in that condition, what happened to all of them, when I run the Newell in the mid eighties all there was, was Inters, white 4000's, R model Mack's, and ford LNT's and a few Road Commanders. now you go to a truck show and it's wall to wall Kenworth's, where the bloody hell did they come from, the bloody thing's must be breading in a back ally somewhere,

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