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TOPIC: Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport.

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 24 Jul 2017 16:03 #185243

  • Neil Jamieson
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Worderful information on Joe Bromage, his business and trucks.

i was riding around in Macks and Inters (I think) as a little kid, in the early 60's. My father Bert jamieson had Jamiesons Garage in Wilkins street, Newport, he and Joe were partners in a couple of Shell servo's. My brothers Graeme and Jeff were slave labour at each site and spent alot of time pulling motors out of various vehicles, the worst being Thomas Flour Mills, S Bedfords, you could bleed to death from the engine cowls.

Alan Broadford used to pick me up, In the bitumen tanker at about 4 Am and off we went to Lara (Shell) or Colas (Spotwood), I believe Alan would still hold the world record from Korocret Rd to Lara.

Alans son Graeme ( Rip ) and I went to school and played football together .

I have owned and operated trucks myself (Actros's) and yes I am the nutter, amoungst others who converted Actors's to run purely on LPG with John Bennet, it worked, the business plan did not, i owned and founded EXO Energy, in about 2000.

I think Ian /Paul Cootes has one of the Macks I was in as a kid , I do remember zooming around Sandown racecourse with Alan and a heat of Bitumen, the 60's ?

Love to hear from anyone how cares about such matters, especially the Cootes guys for whom I have a great affection.

Neil Jamieson.

0419 331 560

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 14 Aug 2017 09:45 #185958

  • prodrive
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GDay Neil,
I remember the Bromage Superliners running up and down the road, pretty impressive they were for a young bloke!
Got any old pics? Love to see them if you do!

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 14 Aug 2017 11:48 #185962

  • Dave_64
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Didn't Bromage's have one of the first, or possibly THE first of the R-models with the extended tilt fibreglass bonnets? Same set up as Wettenhalls who were running 400 Cummins?
Not too sure what engines Bromages were running, possibly 375 Maxidyne V8's ??
As usual, don't mind being corrected.

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 14 Aug 2017 21:03 #185972

  • Sarge :-X
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as is mentioned in the attached thread, ask Google a truck question and you end up on the Forum...


if the link works it will take you to some pictures and story... on Mr Brommage...
Sarge B)
ACCO Owner, Atkinson dreamer.
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Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 02 Dec 2018 21:56 #197339

  • Anonymous
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hi I was an apprentice at Jamieson garage I was Woking with bill it was best four years of my life

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 03 Dec 2018 20:55 #197349

  • 67mustang
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I drove the day cab Superliner in the photo (on the link) quite often on a Saturday

Had to go over to Coode Island and pick-up and bring back to Cootes at Seaford to have a service then run it or others back, recall Jeff and Ray Fletcher, Peter Redding, Lloyd Redpath, Geoff Daish, Rennie Coburn, Allan Yates and a number of others driving on LPG and then when they could jumping into one of the Macks of Bromage and doing a quick Jerilderie or West Wylong, they always respected the town speed limits.

One of the driver would take a tape recorder and wind the passenger window down and record the exhaust noise, his wife told the story he would sit outside at home on days off and play the tapes? he lived in Albury i think his first name was Barry?

hope you are well Neil?

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 03 Dec 2018 21:06 #197350

  • 67mustang
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Looking at the link back to the HCVC article reminds me driving the daycab Suplerliner on Saturdays picking it up and taking it back to Seaford for a service

All the Bromage and Cootes guys, Jeff and Ray Fletcher, Peter Redding, Rennie Coburn, Lloyd Redpath, all drive em like their wifes, with the upmost care and respected what they could do slow thru the towns and under the cover of darkness of a night, they always came came home they way they left.

Hope you are well Neil

Joe Bromage / jamiesons Garage, Newport. 04 Dec 2018 07:33 #197352

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Was it
Sid Wotsizname ??
in the Servo office for Bromage

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