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The Public Post Area

6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #192408 by Gryphon
The Public Post Area was created by Gryphon

the Public Post section of the Forum is an area for people who have a one off requirement to make a post on this Forum and don't have an ongoing need to register. It saves the admins and the one time posters time and effort, but if the posts are ongoing it starts to take up the admins time in dealing with them and moving posts into the right categories or threads and keeping subsequent posts in order.

When posting in the Public Post area please include a name in your posts as it gets a bit confusing when more than one person is using anonymous which is probably a default.

The most obvious use for the Public Post board is where someone has an old Truck they want to sell perhaps from a deceased estate and after a couple of follow up post they will have no reason to visit here again. A one off request for a part or some information is within the intended use for the Public Post but once a threads start going past a few posts then it becomes more of an effort for us and is not the intention of the PPA so people should join up.

It is not intended for people to make comments or pass opinions anonymously on existing threads, start up lengthy threads on particular subjects, answer the quizzes and otherwise take the benefits of this Forum with doing the courtesy of registering.

If you like to just read the Forum that is fine but once you start to post please register.

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