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The way we conduct ourselves

1 year 9 months ago #239672 by Mrsmackpaul
I have been on this forum a long time, longer than some but not as long as others

The number one thing that has causes frustration and heart break is people having personal attacks on other people
I know I am not everyones cup of tea and I try extremely hard to be not offensive whilst also trying to get a point of view across

It appears to me that most people try to conduct themselves in a similar way, however at times it also appears that some people no the rules or guide lines of the forum reasonably well and stray right up to the edge trying provoke others into arguments to then belittle them and in the end someone out of shear frustration or maybe upset never crosses our forum with posts or insite again

Some people believe do this, and I quote from a recent post " The only way to win an argument"

I thought this was a place of friendly discussion about all types of different things, some of them even include commercial vehicles

If we decend into arguments I feel we are loosing as a whole as there is a winner and a looser

I can not for the life of me understand why some people waste so much time and effort degrading a topic that they disagree with, if I dont like something I just scroll on by

I dont jump on the topic and start throwing my weight around

I have stated numerous times on here that "I'm not going to be drawn into a argument" there simply isnt any winners, despite what I just said a few lines above

So were am I going with this, if what any of us are posting isnt polite and of basic manners then don't post, don't bully and badger other members until the point they leave, before we know it we will all of fallen off the perch and there will be no new members as we sent them packing

The moderators should have a fairly easy job and we should make sure of that as forum members, I have never been reprimanded in anyway from a moderator on any forum

And don't argue, no one wins we all only loose, remember it is a choice to have a argument

And if something doesn't intrest us, dont belittle or condem it, just scroll on past, there is at times threads that revolve around politics and I try very hard never discuss politics with anyone ever, not even Miss Molly or the Princess so I never even click on those threads, it's not hard to just scroll on by

So to all of us doing a great job and enjoying the forum, keep doing it as this is the high lite of my day, yes I really am that bigger looser in life

Have a great weekend everyone


Your better to die trying than live on your knees begging
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1 year 9 months ago #239765 by bparo
Replied by bparo on topic The way we conduct ourselves
As an administrator I have no problem with people presenting different ideas but it's the ideas that should be challenged and discussed not descending into personal abuse.
One thing that makes things difficult sometimes is there is no way to tell what the person writing the post actually meant. They may write something in jest but it's not read that way hours or days later. Likewise there is no way of telling whether the reader is in a position to read things the way the writer intended. They may have had one or more bad arguments, be ill or just received bad news. The point is that what may be intended as, or in normal circumstances taken as, a joke may be taken the wrong way too.
So if you are saying something intended as a joke make sure people understand it is and try not to disguise personal attacks as a joke either.
A lot of male dominated professions and trades tend to be more rough and tumble than an office environment and we have all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds. I don't want a sterile environment but need people to think first.

Having lived through a pandemic I now understand all the painting of fat people on couches!
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