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Re: Posting Photos to Forum

8 years 6 months ago #165326 by Gryphon
Replied by Gryphon on topic Re: Posting Photos to Forum

fjwb wrote: Totally understand what you are saying about what goes on in the background, I do help managing another forum and manage my clubs website, but im by no means a programmer. I'd love to offer to help with the 'heavy lifting' in the back ground but that's beyond my technical knowledge unfortunately. Thanks for what you all do with the site, it's a valuable resource, but would be a shame to gradually lose bits and pieces.

The programming and 'heavy lifting' you mention has been done with the move and conversion from the old software so the stuff I am on about is fairly straight forward for anyone who wants to take the time to learn.

A simple example, in line with your thoughts about retaining the images , is for people to use the Photo Gallery on this site to store their personal truck related photo albums rather than use 3rd Party sites like Photobucket and Flickr.
Like the 3rd Party services, once learnt it is the same amount of effort to include images in posts on the forum, but with using this local Photo Gallery software people can easily find personal galleries to browse historic truck related images and you can also have shared Galleries where more than one person can contribute to them.

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