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DayLight Saving 07 Oct 2021 06:28 #226449

  • Swishy
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Had a look last night n all the after dark had crept in .. amazin
Thanx Lang for the formulas
I ran them figures thru me abucus B 4 the battery went flat
Eye might give the jar a good shake up n see wot happens
or do U think eye'll get 50 shades of gray

Yes Morrie
how cum super glu dun stick to the inside of the bottle or tube?
the mind boggles with this stuff


There's more WORTH in KENWORTH

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DayLight Saving 07 Oct 2021 08:36 #226450

  • Morris
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Swishy Superglue knows not to stick to its container because as I say to my Wife when she comments on how animals, vehicles, baddies, etc. know when to appear at the cruical time on TV.
It is because it has read the script!
I have my shoulder to the wheel,
my nose to the grindstone,
I've put my best foot forward,
I've put my back into it,
I'm gritting my teeth,

Now I find I can't do any work in this position!

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DayLight Saving 10 Oct 2021 22:02 #226646

  • cobbadog
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I meant to mention this earlier, but when we were recently in Gilgandra and at the Museum there where the Howard tractors and rotary hoes were born there was a couple of sun dials. Now I used to think this daylight savings thing was newish to us and maybe a little bit earlier overseas but no. The clever bugga that invented the sun dial not only realised that the angle of the dial had to change acording to the lattitude but when they invented the International Date Line tht you then had to add or subtract time with your longitude position. Now some numbers were written up by how much to add or subtract per degree but this would be a similar thing only a permanent adjustment.
Cheers Cobba & Cobbarette
Coopernook, The Centre of our Universe
Working on more play time.

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